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Just some reviews from our value customers

Asialife Magazine, May 6, 2014

By far the most welcoming and well-rounded spa in Saigon is Cat Moc Spa, which has held its own for three-and-a-half years. 2km from Ben Thanh Market, it is ensconced on a side street off Tran Hung Dao. It is convenient to get to but also isolated enough to be a downtown retreat. Not overly luxurious, Cat Moc is peaceful and quaint, attracting locals, travellers and expats alike.

There is a reason it is rated number one on TripAdvisor. Its intimate spa corridor is dim, candlelit and scented in French aroma oils. Sixteen beds in total fill public rooms, couple rooms, facial room and shampoo room. Every masseur and beautician is quality-trained in numerous services, such as Thai, Swedish or Vietnamese herbal relaxing therapy. Sessions also include personalised consultations for Dermalogica product facial treatments and other treatments like paraffins, waxing or Japanese-style hair washing.

There are a number of attractive packages, like the 150-minute renewal package, which includes herbal steam and aroma sauna, yoghurt sea salt body scrub and 90-minute Swedish therapy with aroma oil. Couples especially love the 180-minute "a journey for two" package, consisting of a coconut body scrub, 60-minute aromatherapy massage, facial and foot care.

Cammie Gcy, February 17, 2014

We decided to go for a massage at Cat Moc Spa. We chose the Spring Steam spa package that is 2 hours long.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Koon and I will definitely return to this spa if we are back in HCMC!

As a new customer, they will require you to fill them with information about yourself, where are your problem areas and which body part would you like them to focus more on. Personalized service, and most importantly the staff are very customer oriented. Rates are affordable too!

I think the spa concluded our trip really well.

Roy, July 8, 2013

I headed to a spa place, Cat Moc, which I found on the Internet... Not many reviews about this place but I am willing to try it out. Although this place is in District 1, it is a little out of the way in a lane where no tourists would venture. Then I told myself, "Great! This may be a little gem afterall"

A gem indeed. When entered, you are greeted with great service all the way from front to the massage rooms and out. Before you go in, they wanna know if you are suffering from any illness and also which part of your body in particular you want the masseuse to focus on. I almost drew a circle around the whole person on the form haha but controlled myself and drew around my knees and back instead.

After selecting the "Revitalization" package, they will invite you in to change to their robes. Then lead you to steam bath with lemon grass I reckon, which I believe is to help clear the breathing passage. Wah I feel super claustrophobic inside cos not use to it. After 10mins, I got out in a pool of dripping sweat. After 5 mins of rest, in I go again into the sauna and this time I lasted also 10mins. Then they make you change again before heading into the massage rooms. I remember choosing Medium To Firm massage and it was already quite powerful. I can not imagine of I chose Firm... Prolly a gorilla might come out and massage me!

The whole treatment took about 3 hrs and perhaps a little more. I feel total relax and I believe I slept and snored at some parts haha. Seriously the masseuse was really good, pressing the joints and accupoints. The facial as well! I feel so revitalized after that! And they use good facial and body products, unlike some other spas. See how nice my face after the massage and facial!

Settled the bill which I thought the price is really reasonable. They even helped me call for a cab as it was raining. They even gave me a bonus card for discounts when I return. Service is really tremendously good! Seriously I dunno when I will return but it was a good gesture nevertheless.

Kelly, May 16, 2013

Headed to Cat Moc Spa later that evening, and it is definitely the top spa places to visit if you are ever visiting the city.

Pampered ourselves with the services – with me opting for a yogurt & sea salt body scrub, honey & grain body wrap and hot stone massage – which lasted for slightly less than 3 hrs! Dinner at this pho place which was recommended by one of the staff at Cat Moc, and it was different from the usual, yet really good too! We had such a good night sleep despite the slightly hard bed.

HCMC is a place with really noisy traffic, cheap and good food/spa!

Carpe Diem, April 15, 2013

Since we are still early to check in, we head to Cat Moc Spa to heal our tired body and dehydrated skin.

Cat Moc Spa ranked no.9 activity in Ho Chi Minh by TripAdvisor. Their service is friendly, hygienic, using dermalogica skin care products for facial. and calamansi juice, which they serve after our massage, is really delicious.

Josie, November 13, 2010

There is this super cute spa [Cat Moc] right next to where we live. It is only been open a month and I have been meaning to check it out.

As soon as I walked in I was greeted by an echo of "Hellos!". There they were, all standing in a row, eager to serve. The owner brought me the list of services and a glass of unidentifiable juice. The prices were ridiculously cheap. Like, smack me in the face, cheap. There were so many fun things to choose from; hot stone massage, herbal facials, hair treatments, Thai massage, waxing etc. I opted for a 30 minute herbal steam bath & sauna with a 75 minute full body Swedish oil massage.

Once I decided what treatment I wanted, I was guided through, what I now know as, the "magic" spa door. The place was beautiful. The air was sweet with essential oils. Water features created a calming atmosphere. The floor was transformed into a stone pathway leading to the change rooms. Even the mannerisms of the staff were soothing. I had assistants attending to my ever need, following me around with my juice and a cold face cloth. I felt like a celebrity, like, Cameron Diaz or Oprah!

The herbal stream bath was fantastic. They brought my juice in for me and made sure everything was perfect. The room was fit for two-three people, but I had it to myself. I started to wonder if I was the only person at the spa. As the steam poured in, my skin transformed into a sponge and I finally started to relax.

Next was the sauna.

I was damp from the stream bath so it was nice to sit in the dry heat for a while. Once again, the assistants followed me with a fresh juice and a cold face cloth. I was only a quarter way through my spa day and I felt like melted butter.

I figured I should give my brain a rest from the heat so I stepped out the sauna early. 30 straight minutes is too long for me. I was ready for my massage. At this point I was convinced that I was the only client. It is like I rented the whole place out for my birthday or something.

As I laid on the massage table I started to notice more of the little perfections that are overlooked in most Asian spas. The table had the rest area for my face with floating flowers right in field of view, the lights were low, the music was soft and relaxing.

From the very first knead on my very sore feet, I knew this was going to be magic. And it was. I have never felt so taken care of. I fell into a welcomed coma of bliss...for 75 minutes.

When it came time to pay I was sure there was some sort of catch. It was truly the best treatment from any spa I have been to all for $15.

If you are ever in Ho Chi Minh City. Go to this spa!