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 Spa packages

Spring Stream – 2h | 548.000vnd
Foot care (30 min)
Herbal steam & Aroma sauna baths (30 min)
Swedish massage with aroma oil (60 min)

Traveler's Relaxation – 2h | 698.00vnd
Foot care (30min)
Foot reflexology (30min)
Natural facial care (60min)

Renewal – 2.5h | 668.000vnd
Yogurt- Sea salt body scrub (30min)
Herbal steam & Aroma sauna bath (30min)
Swedish massage with aroma oil (90min)

Revitalization – 3h | 788.000vnd
Herbal steam & Aroma sauna baths (30min)
Traditional Thai massage (90min)
Essential facial care (60min)

Forever young – 4h | 1.628.000vnd
Herbal steam & Aroma sauna bath (15min)
Body scrub & body wrap (60min)
Hot stone massage (75min)
Multi- vitamin eye treatment (20min)
Anti- aging prevention facial treatment (70min)

A journey for Two – 3h | 2.100.000vnd | 2pax
Foot care (30min)
Aromatherapy massage (60min)
Yogurt - Sea salt body scrub (30min)
Essential facial care (60min)

Body wellness
Back & Shoulder Massage – 30min | 230.000vnd
To focus on the whole back to relieve the muscle tensions with aroma oil.

Foot reflexology – 60min | 270.000vnd
It is also called as foot massage to relieve muscle tension, reduce stress, and solve sleep disorder.

Traditional Thai massage – 60min | 300.000vnd
The whole body massage without aroma oil. Acuppressure and a series of yoga-like streches are applied by the masseurs.
The massage is not recommended to persons with bone injury, varicose vein, serious heart- disease or high blood pressure.

Swedish massage with aroma oil – 75min | 360.000vnd
It is the full body massage with aroma oil to promote relaxation.
It is also recommended to persons going to the Spa in first time, not using massage often, or in sunburn condition.

Hot stone massage – 75min | 390.000vnd
Hot stone massage is full body massage with warm stones for relaxation
It is good for people who tend to feel chilly or who have cold feet.

Vietnamese herbal relaxing massage – 75min | 460.000vnd
The relaxing body massage to combine aroma oil & traditional medical fresh herbs. It promote deep relaxation and reduce highly muscle tensions, especially chronic back aches, arthritis.
It is not recommeded for sunburn persons.

Facial treatments (Dermalogica)
Stimulating new skin cells, providing essential nutrients to protect the skin from environment polution factors as well as keep youth looking for skin over time.
The Spa Consultant will check your facial skin conditions to find out the optimal facial treatment for you.
Natural facial care 60min – 360.000vnd
Essential facial care 60min – 420.000vnd
Oily/congested skin condition treatment 70min – 520.000vnd
Sensitive/ Redness skin treatment 70min – 590.000vnd
Anti- aging prevention facial treatment 70min – 690.000vnd
Skin radiance facial treatment 80min – 720.000vnd
Anti-aging facial treatment 80min – 840.000vnd
Multivitamin eye treatment 45min – 260.000vnd
Body care
Body polish
Using body scrub to exfoliate the skin will get rid of dead skin cells as well as stimulate new cells. Then the body wrap applied immediately will absorb maximum nourishments for the body skin. The skin appearance will be improved with healthy, soft and polish skin after the body scrub and wrap.
Coconut/ Coffee Ground/ Yogurt - Sea Salt body scrub 30min – 230.000vnd
Body wrap with Fresh Fruit & Grain/ Honey & Grain/ Dead Sea Mud 30min – 210.000vnd

Foot care
To remove the cracked heels for good looking feet and then relax foot muscle in short time (30min) – 220.000vnd

Hair care
Japanese method use to enhance blood circulation of hair follicle to bring fresh feeling and headache relief with L'oreal products.
Shampoo & blow dry in Japanese style 40 min – 120.000vnd
Shampoo & Treatment for weak- damaged hair 45 min – 220.000vnd

Your hand/ foot skin become beautiful, radiant and smooth after treatments.
Hand paraffin 30min – 180.000vnd
Foot paraffin 45min – 260.000vnd

Underarms 15min – 180.000vnd
Arms 20min – 270.000vnd
Half legs 30min – 300.000vnd
Full legs 40min – 360.000vnd
Back 50min – 390.000vnd